Sunday, December 9, 2007

Back in the Brewhouse

With a packed schedule of classes, committee meetings, and soccer coaching, my brewing schedule the last couple of months has been sadly sparse. But I did manage to get another batch of my award-winning American Wheat brewed last weekend, and it has been fermenting nicely ever since. With a mix of American Mt. Hood and Crystal hops, and some home-grown coriander, gently spicing a clean mix of wheat, pilsner, and Vienna malts, I expect this to be a very enjoyable thirst quencher before the end of the year. This batch is also intended to serve as a yeast starter for my first attempt at a kölsch-style German ale later this month. These are summer beers, I know, but the fermenting temps back in the garage are nice and cool, and in Southern California, there never really is a time of year when "summer" feels far way. Prosit!