Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Taps are Open!

OK, so it's just one tap, and a simple cobra tap at that. But the purchase of a devoted beer refrigerator and the filling it with a new keg of my own beer (my dry-hopped Century IPA) is a big milestone in any home brewery. Add in the fact that I also planted my first hop rhizomes this same week--Cascade, Challenger, Hallertauer, and Sterling--and it sounds like the perfect time to initiate a new beer-specific blog. Pictures of the new fridge, the new hops, and beers and gadgets both new and old will follow both sooner and later. The Bicycle Brewery is on the road! Next stop: brewing a new batch of Bicycle Bitter tomorrow. Cheers, Prosit, Salute/Santé/Salud, Cin Cin!